mardi 1 janvier 2013


I know Christmas is just over and I got lots of presents, but my birthday is coming soon (sooner than you think, actually).
So here is what I would really like to have :

1. Alexander Wang prisma tote / 2. Balenciaga Papier A5 / 3. Manifeste Origami bag-cape-scarf-belt (would love this one) / 4. yoga mat bag in black / 5. Coffret perfume Flower by Kenzo / 6. Super Aqua Day and Night by Guerlain / 7. Dr Martens Serena suede boots /8. Money to go to the hairdresser because my hair really needs it / 9. Money for my yoga classes / 10. Benefit Moisture prep / 11. Benefit Total Moisture / 12. Sephora make-up palette

2. Takk for det gamle, og hei 2013 !

This year I have :

been very in love

 lived there

 then moved there

and finally settled here

 worked for OFW

 gotten two crazy/sweet cats

 partied hard

 fallen deeper in love with Norway (Oslo-Stavanger, Stavanger, Oslo)

I guess it's time to look at last year's resolutions, except I don't remember them. I think I wrote them on a post it somewhere and then lost it. It included reading a lot. And find a new job. Which I haven't done... Well, I've read a bit more. But not all the books that were on my list. But it's ok. I've had an overall pretty good year. I finally got rid of all the extra weight I took on when I moved to Norway, I got rid of all the people that had negative influence on me. I found Love. The once in a lifetime thing, you know. He makes me happy and makes everything nice and easy. I found out what mattered the most and what I wanted in life. So it's all good. I got a job at Fashion Week also, which is super awesome because I studied fashion management and had great experience with it in Paris, but nothing was happening here, which was pretty depressing. Now I finally get to use my skills and experience in my favourite city in the world, and this is professionally very motivating.
As for the resolutions for 2013, I'll write them down here this time, in order not to lose them and look at them sometimes, as a reminder.

- Practice yoga twice a week in january, three times a week in february, then 5 times a week the rest of the year. My goal is to be strong and flexible enough by september to start my yoga teacher training :)

- Go to New York. I've been dreaming about it for years, and never went. So I'll save money every month until august to spend a week there (in september) with my boyfriend.

- Take care of my body : eating more fruits and veggies. I don't care about my weight, I just want to feel good inside.

- Get a job that allows me to get dressed the way I want to. It sounds stupid, but I work in a kindergarten, so I can't really have my supernice clothes, they just get destroyed. Plus it's not practical. I've spent the last two years wearing leggings/jeans/track pants every single day. I'm getting style-lazy and I'm bored of it. So yeah. A job in a cool store or an office would be awesome, even though I'd miss the kids.

- Get a job that makes me use my brain, because it's falling asleep and I love challenge and using my skills and knowledge.

- Give away or take back to France everything that I never wear, because I change all the time and I don't have space in my wardrobe. Literally. I don't even have room for the newly washed clothes.

- Cook more often so that my boyfriend doesn't have to do it all the time.

- Spend less time on internet.

- Never go to bed after 23. Except in the weekends.

dimanche 30 décembre 2012

I never knew what to write in the very first post of a blog. I mean, it's embarrassing, talking about yourself and all that. But then I guess I always kind of managed : I have old blogs all over the interweb. So here it is, in short : I'm French, I'm 23 and I live in Oslo with my artist boyfriend and our crazy/dumb cats. I studied fashion management in Paris and now I am working for the Fashion Week in Oslo, and as a kindergarten assistant the rest of the year. I still have enough time to practice yoga and then put my lazy ass to sleep after facebooking/shopping/bingedrinking-in-the-weekends (Nor-way of life).

Last night I fell asleep in a bar, and this morning I was looking a bit like that :