mardi 1 janvier 2013


I know Christmas is just over and I got lots of presents, but my birthday is coming soon (sooner than you think, actually).
So here is what I would really like to have :

1. Alexander Wang prisma tote / 2. Balenciaga Papier A5 / 3. Manifeste Origami bag-cape-scarf-belt (would love this one) / 4. yoga mat bag in black / 5. Coffret perfume Flower by Kenzo / 6. Super Aqua Day and Night by Guerlain / 7. Dr Martens Serena suede boots /8. Money to go to the hairdresser because my hair really needs it / 9. Money for my yoga classes / 10. Benefit Moisture prep / 11. Benefit Total Moisture / 12. Sephora make-up palette

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